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The Christian social work -ICHTHYS- Abhängigenhilfe (Support for Addicts) is a registered association, recognized as being charitable, whose aim is to serve the socially disadvantaged or people who are threatened by social injustice. Target groups of the work are addicts and people in danger of becoming addicts, homeless people, people who do not have a fixed abode and released prisoners.

To the founders the faith in Jesus Christ is the origin and main motive to pass on the love of God in practice to those who need help. Nevertheless, faith is always a very personal decision and in no way a condition for the help offered. Our social responsibility is not to exclude fringe groups, but to contribute to their integration.

ICHTHYS is Ancient Greek meaning fish. It is an acronym for five Greek words which translated mean Jesus – Christ – God’s – Son – Savior. This former secret sign of the first Christians in persecution therefore represents the name and profession of faith. Since its foundation in 1992 as a social work of the Church of the Nazarene, a worldwide evangelical Free Church, the work has been characterized by great commitment, respectability, the willingness to change and God’s leading. All this will also be the foundation for a continuously progressing degree of professionalism and transparency in the future. The stability and continuity of the work are in large part due to the continuity of the managing committee and the faith in God’s steadfast love for people.

By means of a differentiated, resource-oriented system of components, ICHTHYS offers the target groups different outpatient and residential offers of assistance on a legal basis. These enabling offers are supported by a committed team of employees with different professions. In order to realize the offers of assistance, we conclude compensation treaties with social benefits institutions, like retirement, sick people and social security benefit institutions and we push through legal claims for those concerned.

With God there are no hopeless cases.

At ICHTHYS God being at work can be experienced by staff, residents, friends and visitors, even in human conflicts and crises, which arise from the limits and the individuality of the personalities. For us faith and therapy are no differences, but for the person who wants to they are complementary possibilities, for with God there are no hopeless cases.

ICHTHYS can endure tensions between contrasts and conveys that life is worthwhile, even if there are difficulties. And there are enough difficulties like anywhere, where people live together. The willingness and capability of the staff to endure these tensions as well as solve conflicts and accept people in their diversity conveys protection, which is a precondition for every positive change. The constant struggle for clear boundaries is also characteristic for our work. To keep these boundaries is often a painful process for those involved, but it is also a necessary requirement for growth and mental recovery. We want to serve people by setting boundaries for them, in which they are able to develop. The attempt to come to terms with that is a necessary component.

Holding people in high esteem for being God’s creation no matter in which condition they come to ICHTHYS, we try to create our facility tidy and with loving care. God’s wisdom and guidance make it possible for us to comply with this responsibility and to be able to continue opening up new ways.


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