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Ichthys GeländeSince 1992 we have worked in Mahlow with addicts or potential addicts of substance-tied addictions and their relatives. In addition gambling and eating disorders have increased in importance over the last few years. Contacting our advice center, for example, does not depend on any persuasion and is open for anybody. Many facilities are possible whether as an outpatient in our advice center or as an inpatient in our residential accommodations.

What is the Meaning of “Ichthys”?

puzzlefisch_ichthysThe first letters of these five old Greek words put together make the word “ICHTHYS”, which translated means fish. The symbol of the fish was the secret sign of the first Christians in persecution in ancient times. At the same time the fish represents an animal of the liquid element. Liquid as an essential living component mirrors the devastating consequences in the transition from natural stimulant to addictive drug. More about our motivation to do this work you will find in our


Down below you find the translation of the five Greek words into English. In the first column the words are shown in Cyrillic letters.

IΗΣΟΎΣ    ->   Iēsous     ->   “Jesus

ΧΡΙΣΤΌΣ   ->  Christós  ->  “Christ“

ΘΕΟΎ         ->  Theoú     ->   “God’s“

ΥΙΌΣ           ->   Yiós         ->    “Son“

ΣΩΤΉΡ      ->    Sōtér      ->    “Savior“

What ICHTHYS Offers


We have a team of well-qualified social workers, doctors and psychologists, addiction therapists, behavior and music therapists.


Since 1992 we have done addiction work and have taken care of addicts and homeless people.


with other organizations related to the addiction help system, with offices


Residential home
+49 / 03379 - 37 91 76

Advice center
+ 49 / 03379 - 202 78 79

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