What the Christian Social Work -ICHTHYS- Offers

●  Transition facility for addicts

The transitional residential accommodation is a possibility for addicts, who endeavor an       inpatient withdrawal treatment, to prepare themselves for that after a physical withdrawal.

●  Facility for homeless people

For those who do not have a place to live, who are homeless and in need of special help for integration, find the opportunity in the community to get back to a well-ordered life.

●  Day-care center for addicts

The day-care center offers addicts and people in danger of becoming addicted a place which enables them to learn how to become aware of themselves and others.

●  “MPU”-preparation for Berlin-Brandenburg (medical psychological checkup)

We offer you a preliminary talk free of charge, in which you will receive all the necessary information in order to regain your driver’s license.

  Addiction advice center

Since 1993, our addiction advice center has worked with addicts and people in danger of becoming addicted to material and non-material addictions.

  Self-help groups for addicts

Self-help groups for those affected and their families: alcohol, drugs, gambling or other addictions.

  Outpatient supportive housing

Outpatient support takes place in the clients’ own accommodation and in supported apartment-sharing.


Residential home
+49 / 03379 - 37 91 76

Advice center
+ 49 / 03379 - 202 78 79

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