Broken and shattered

Hello, my name is Frank,

Broken and shattered, that’s how I felt, when I stood in front of the Christian Social Work ICHTHYS in Arco Street, Mahlow: After my third severe alcohol detoxication within 6 weeks, I was drunk again suffering from the severe withdrawal. I was really ready to die. But I wanted to dare one more try. “We are worried about you,” these words did not get out of my mind. Somebody was there, who cared about me and people unknown to me enabled me to give it one more try. Today I know of course that I was only able to dare this step for myself and not for others. After a hard withdrawal for one week, I started a painful time of learning and awakening. I had to start my life anew. It was also a time of healing emotional pain, the beginning of the reformatting of my life.

It really was no picnic. It is hard to find out so many things about yourself and also particularly to admit to yourself your own faults and at the same time still respect yourself.

When I look back today I can say this: Each dry day, each day without alcohol was worth it, even though I could not see this at the beginning. I learned a lot from those just as affected as I, and I am still learning from them. The staff also helped me a lot, I am very grateful for that. I stayed with ICHTHTYS and I work here as a music therapist and a work instructor, trying to pass my experience on to others.

… God wrote for us a wonderful melody of life, but we put our fingers in our ears and whistle our own song.

Frank R.


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