My Life was Determined by Alcohol

 Hello, my name is Manfred and I am an alcoholic. Meanwhile I have been on the wagon for more than 7 years. But how did it all start? At the age of about 16 I started drinking beer, at weekends or so, a beer on Saturdays. Somewhere down the road I had two beers, until I finally drank daily in the evening. I also started drinking hard liquor. Now I already drank liquor daily. This process lasted for years (decades). As I still had a job at that time, I went to see the company physician and I was admitted to hospital (detoxification). What followed were several relapses. I lost my driver’s license and my job. I started an alcohol weaning off treatment, which was an inpatient therapy lasting for 12 weeks. After that I had psychotherapy for 14 weeks and a long-term therapy for one year, both of them as an inpatient. After that I went to the Christian social work ICHTHYS. There I was shown a life without alcohol, for my life was determined by alcohol, which was canceled now. Therefore I did not have a daily routine any more and I was able to build my life anew. Then I started playing the guitar again.

 Today I lead a relaxation group. I took my driving test again. I also attend two self-help groups to be reminded again and again of what once was.

 The third self-help group I lead myself, because I also went to a self-help group leader’s seminar. For about three years I have attended St.Paul’s fellowship to live my life in a Christian way.

Manfred K.


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