I was drunk for the first time when I was eleven

… I was born in Nauen (Havelland) in 1986. Pretty early in life I picked up experience with drugs. My mother’s husband at that time always had a lot of alcohol in the house. I was drunk for the first time when I was eleven. Apart from the alcohol, there was also domestic violence. At times I felt like the outlet, when something had gone wrong again with my mother’s guy. He would always take out his frustration on me. When my mother left him and found a new partner again after a short time, I thought that things could only get better, but I couldn’t be more wrong. Everything was exactly the same way. No matter what happened, I was always the culprit. At that time I had already been drinking, not much though, but I was a regular consumer of alcohol.

I thought it was okay for me to do that, since people only noticed me, when something had gone wrong again. This happened at school when I was involved in fights or when I played truant.

When I was 13 I was taken to a children’s home, where my alcohol consumption increased heavily and where I also experienced drugs for the first time. When I had been thrown out due to my aggressive behavior, I was immediately taken into the next home, where I completely slid into the drug scene. Everything centered on the drugs and how I could get them. I almost went to any lengths to get them. At that time I was only 15 or 16 years old. I dragged myself through a time full of crime, until I was taken to prison on 10 May, 2007.

While I was in prison I had a lot of time by myself. I wanted to change. I went to an addiction counseling center, where I heard about ICHTHYS for the first time. I decided to move there after my imprisonment. Today I still live here, since it is not easy to stay clean. With the help of all the staff at ICHTHYS, I have so far succeeded quite well to stay on the right track. The rest is now up to me.

Marcel A.


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