Alcohol and taplets — at the age of 29 I nearly lost all ...When you do not know your way out, you ought to change something. After one year things started improving little by little every month.

Meggi R.

I was drunk for the first time when I was eleven... Today I still live here, since it is not easy to stay clean. With the help of all the staff at ICHTHYS, I have so far succeeded quite well to stay on the right track.

Marcel A..

.Broken and shattered, that’s how I felt..It really was no picnic. It is hard to find out so many things about yourself and also particularly to admit to yourself your own faults and at the same time still respect yourself.

Frank R.

Today I lead a relaxation group. I took my driving test again...I also attend two self-help groups to be reminded again and again of what once was.

Manfred K.


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Addiction aid ICHTHYS

We offer help to people addicted to drugs or alcohol, and also give support with other addiction problems. We gladly provide advice, either if you are concerned yourself or one of your relatives. Together we will find a way. more

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